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Sum2 is dedicated to the commercial application of sound practices.  Our sound practices program includes corporate governance, risk management, stakeholder communications and regulatory compliance.

Sum2 believes that all corporate enterprises enhance their equity value by implementing a sound practice program.  Sound practices are principal value drivers for corporate and product brands.  Practitioners are awarded with healthy profit margins, attraction of high end clientele, enterprise risk mitigation and premium equity valuation.

Sum2 welcomes the opportunity to speak with you to demonstrate how sound practices can differentiate your firm and create value for your product brands and company stakeholders.

Sum2 takes its name from the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures (S.U.M.), S.U.M. was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1793.  

The purpose of S.U.M was to promote useful manufacturing by using the waterpower generated by the Great Falls.   S.U.M was the first planned industrial city in North America and should rightly be considered the cradle of industrial capitalism in North America. 

The area of S.U.M.’s founding was later incorporated as the City of Paterson New Jersey, which would grow to become a major industrial center from the 1800’s through World War 2.  Paterson was a key munitions, textile and locomotive manufactory center during the Civil War and thus played a pivotal role in helping preserve Alexander Hamilton’s conception of a Federalist Union of States. 

Though the landscape of industrial capitalism has changed during the Information Age, Sum2 was founded to continue the useful and visionary work of the original S.U.M.   Sum2 recognizes the strategic importance of manufacturing and will seek to build our business by creating proprietary content, ASP delivery capabilities and mission critical software to implement corporate sound practices for our clients as they seek to create value in the digital economy.    

Sum2 looks forward to being useful and vitally important to our clients and to the industries that we serve.

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