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Automotive Aftermarket Distributor “The Profit|Optimizer forced us to focus on risks in our supply chain.  We were too dependent on a few key suppliers.  We have taken some steps to lessen the dependencies and broaden our supply chain.” Daytona Beach, Florida

Injection molding manufacturer
“The Profit|Optimizer helped us rank risks in our business. It was a real eye opener. It is a great tool to begin a formal operational risk management program.  It has also helped us to provide better insights about our progress to our company shareholders.” Little Falls, New Jersey

e-commerce Retailer
The Profit|Optimizer hammered home the need to promote our high end, high margin products.  It sounds simple but was quite a revelation.  It also helped us to link that to  the need to offer customer loyalty programs and focus on our best customers.” Dover, Delaware

Electrical Component Manufacturer
“We are very pleased with Sum2’s risk management product. Our accountant recommended that we conduct a risk review.  The Profit|Optimizer has proven itself to be a great value for our firm.  If we brought in a consultant to conduct a review of our business that the Profit|Optimizer provides we would end up spending many thousands of dollars.  We are thankful that our accountant had the foresight to recommend Sum2.” Tucson, Arizona

Metal Fabrication
“The Profit|Optimizer enables  us to prioritize the many investments we need to make to help us stay competitive.  We are using the results of our review to help us negotiate credit facilities with our banker.  Thank you Sum2.” Paterson, New Jersey

Money Services Business
“The Profit|Optimizer has been a great help to us to demonstrate to regulators that we have an active and on going risk management and compliance program to address all aspects of our business.  …great stuff……” New York, New York

Food Manufacturer and Retailer
“The Profit|Optimizer helped us to come to terms with and better manage two different businesses.  We make high end pasta products and foods and also operate a retail store. The risks and opportunities are different for both businesses.  We think the Profit|Optimizer helps us to manage both separately and more effectively.” Lodi, New Jersey

Women’s Apparel Manufacturer
“We outsource a significant portion of our manufacturing to Asia and Latin America.  The Profit|Optimizer helped us to make an informed decision related to putting additional resources into marketing, bringing in a new design group  or address quality control issues with one of our manufacturers .   We transferred more work to one of our Latin American providers and were still able to afford hiring a new creative team and added money to our marketing budget.  Sum2 was helpful and was just what we were looking for to help us too better understand our priorities and options.” New York, New York

Information Technology Provider “Interesting product....  Our sales force uses it to analyze how well prospects IT requirements support business goals.  Its an effective sales and business development tool for B2B sales and marketing.” Lyndhurst, New Jersey

CPA “Working with Sum2 is a joy.  The product is great and the support is terrific.  My clients are surprised by the insights the Profit|Optimizer provides.  This really adds value to our risk management practice which is really taking off.” Minneapolis, Minnesota

HVAC Installation and Service Provider
“We have a large fleet of trucks, high salaries and we are struggling to provide benefits to our employees to keep us competitive.   Sum2 is helping us to get a better handle on this stuff.” San Diego, California

IT Company
“Many businesses have been looking to develop products that address risk management for small and mid-size businesses.   We like what Sum2 has done with the Profit|Optimizer.” Arlington, Texas

Commercial Lending Banker
“I have recommended the Profit|Optimizer to a number of my clients and potential clients. Bankers  need assurances and a level of confidence that borrowers have a good handle on risks, that these risks are known,  that they are being managed well and that their business model is sound.  If managers can’t demonstrate these qualities they are not a good credit risk.” Jersey City, New Jersey

Business Coach “The Profit|Optimizer is a nice compliment to our business performance improvement methodology.  It has created some added depth to my client engagements.”  Columbus, Ohio

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