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"...small-medium sized businesses (SME), public sector entities, the communities in which they operate, and society at large are exposed to many factors that are outside the control of executives and policy makers. These exposures span a variety of influences ranging from commodity and financial market prices, macroeconomic conditions, operational disruptions, human misconduct, technological shifts, competitor moves, sociopolitical events, natural hazards, man-made disasters, etc.
Each of these risk areas are addressed through rather disparate practices of financial risk analysis, exposure limits, actuarial modeling, insurance contracting, alternative risk-transfer, contingency planning, risk mitigation, preparedness, etc. Business enterprise and society are also faced with potential systemic risks embedded in interacting global markets, worldwide climatic changes, and threats of international terrorism. All of this accentuates a need for effective strategic risk management practices to deal with these phenomena both at corporate management and public policy levels."

* Strategic Risk Management (SRM) - Outlining the Contours of the New Risk Management Paradigm by Torben Andersen, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

The objective of MERA is to provide SME's a self assessment tool to score and manage macroeconomic and event risks that impacts the profitability and growth of SMEs. These risk factors pose challenges and offer opportunities presented by rapidly changing business conditions and market dislocations. MERA sizes macroeconomic and event risks; allowing users to initiate actions to mitigate threats and initiate actions to capitalize on the opportunities volatile business cycles present.

This app offers a self assessment framework for users to score risk clusters that are often overlooked by SME business managers.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) details over 75 macro risk factors confronting SMEs. MERA includes these factors as well as others for assessment consideration. Users may also enter user defined factors. Risk factors are color coded and grouped in 10 Problem Clusters. That include:

public service/ responsibilities

MERA 2.3 includes a series of 70 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for SMEs.
The KPIs are grouped into 5 areas.
Best Practice Indicators
Employee Indicators
Product Indicators
Financial Indicators
Corporate Matters

MERA's rating scheme allows users to score risk factors and its impact on business. Users define actions that will mitigate risk factors, estimate capital investments required to address risk and calculate a ROI to determine project priorities, funding requirements and expected returns.

MERA aggregates and scores macro enterprise risk , aligns actions and capital investments required to mitigate aggregated macroeconomic and event risk factors confronting the enterprise.

Android users require the use of Mobile Office. Many Mobile Office conversion apps are available for download on Google Play. A PDF reader and a Zip File Manager are also required to use this app; also widely available for no charge on Google Play. The app directs users to a Drop Box to pick up a zip file.Sum2 does not collect or store any data entered into our Mobile Business apps. All data entry is done off line.

Price: $3.00

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